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Stock Code: MAR 001


    The MARUYOSHI FLAX CUTTER is a great hand tool for cutting all fibrous plants, like flax and cabbage tree leaves. PLEASE NOTE - this is not a wood saw, and the serrated blade only works when you are pulling the blade back towards yourself. It is not designed to be operated in a saw cutting motion (back and forward) and for best results, hold the plant in one hand and draw the blade back with the other hand in a slicing motion. Always take care however, the blades are extremely sharp.

    CLICK HERE to view the Maruyoshi Flax Cutter User Guide.



    • Made from high carbon steel
    • Weight - 100g
    • The blade is tempered to give long lasting durability
    • The tool has a special back bar designed to add even more strength to the blade
    • Made in Japan
    • Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty

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