Collection: Silky Extension Pole Saws

Made in Japan, Silky extension pole saws have handles attached to telescoping extendable poles for action that is out of arms reach. They are designed to trim trees and cut difficult to reach branches. 

There are several different styles of pole saws in the Silky range, so don't be afraid to ask what model might be best for you. In our experience however, the Zubat and Forester models are suited for life style blocks and around home use. The Hayauchi models are a bit bigger, reach further, and have a longer blade. Because of this, they are also a bit heavier. And the Hayate models are the professional range that we would recommend for commercial users such as arborists.

There is also the Sintung Lopper Head that is designed to fit the Hayauchi range. This lopper head simply replaces the saw head in a few seconds. There is a Hayate Adaptor available to fit the Sintung to the Hayate range now also.

We have also attached a SAFETY USER GUIDE for the pole saws. This is quite important so if you do have a Silky Extension Pole Saw or are considering getting one - make sure you understand how to operate it safely before giving it a go.