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Stock Code: C 200


    Code: C200 (Potatore 60cm)
    Code: C210 (Tucano M 80cm)
    Code: C211 (Tucano C 60cm)
    Code: C212 (Tucano C 80cm)

    Castellari (s.r.l.) have been manufacturing high quality horticulture tools for over 30 years and their technology draws from the combination of three of Italy’s best smitheries. The four CASTELLARI LOPPERS we offer are unique by way of their design, the special lever cutting action, counter blade operation, and the weight to size ratio. The lightweight design, strength & reduced cutting effort allows for continuous pruning of fruit trees, grapevines & kiwifruit. And even with constant use, there is minimal wear on the lever components including the hardened pivot bolts and bushes, and the blades will provide a long lasting cutting edge, requiring only an occasional light hone. The anvil (or counter blade) is made from forged aluminium alloy and is designed to reduce cutting blade wear and provide strength. The handles are made from a heavy-duty aluminium race-track extrusion together with highly visible non-slip grips.

    CLICK HERE to view the Castellari Loppers User Guide.


    • Castellari Potatore 60cm straight blade
    • Length - 600mm
    • Weight - 960g
    • Cutting Capacity - 35mm
    • Suitable for any user who would like to make their pruning day more productive and easier - the pointed head allows easy access into tight spaces and often saves changing to secateurs
    • Ideal for pruning fruit trees, citrus, grape vines and kiwifruit

    • Castellari Tucano M 80cm straight blade
    • Length - 800mm
    • Weight - 1165g
    • Cutting Capacity - 50mm
    • Suitable for improving productivity by reducing the onset of fatigue - the lightness of the lopper is particularly apparent when long reaching work is required
    • Ideal for orchard or vineyard pruning from either the ground or ladder

    • Castellari Tucano C 60cm curved blade
    • Length - 600mm
    • Weight - 1015g
    • Cutting Capacity - 40mm
    • Suitable for medium to thick cuts
    • The curvature of the blade and anvil prevent branches from slipping out and the hollow shape of the blade increases penetration

    • Castellari Tucano C 80cm curved blade
    • Length - 800mm
    • Weight - 1190g
    • Cutting Capacity - 50mm
    • Suitable for medium to thick cuts with longer reach than the 600mm version
    • The curvature of the blade and anvil prevent branches from slipping out and the hollow shape of the blade increases penetration

    • Hot dropped forged blades and levers are made from high quality steel
    • The blades are precisely tempered and hardened to Rockwell Scale 58, the highest level for optimum cutting performance and durability
    • Made in Italy
    • Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty
    • For your ongoing lopper maintenance, please view the image above or download the pdf version here, and contact us to discuss further if you need to.

    • To also help identify where each bolt, locking nut or bush is located, view the exploded lopper head view above or download the pdf version here


    There are full replacement parts available. Please contact your nearest Stockist for more information.

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