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Stock Code: CN Tuono


    The CAMPAGNOLA OLISTAR TUONO pneumatic harvester has all the main features of the famous Campagnola harvesters, but its novelty is the so-called "short stroke" system, which reduces the rake opening in order to increase its speed (1800 beating movements per minute). This also ensures excellent movements among the branches without damaging the tree. The rakes are fitted with the well-known "diapason-shaped" teeth and can harvest any kind of olives, no matter how ripe they are. The motor body is made of magnesium alloy, which helps the heat exchange and avoids that condensed water freeze at low temperatures, stopping the tool. Powerful, although it needs a low working pressure (6 bar only), the Tuono allows to harvest even the smallest and most resistant olives very easily. And thanks to its perfect balance, it grants a top comfortable use.

    PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing this Tuono Harvester, you are only selecting the head. You will also need to purchase an Extension Pole for this machine.



    • Working radius - 27cm
    • Rake opening - 22.5cm
    • Very quick - 1800 beating movements per minute
    • Powerful at low working pressure (max working pressure 6 bar)
    • Short stroke - very reduced rake opening, which allows the tool to move among the branches quickly and easily, without damaging the tree
    • Diapason-shaped rake teeth (patented by Campagnola) which allows to harvest even the smallest and more resistant olives easily
    • Total protection of the moving parts for a lower wear and tear of the transmission elements and reduced maintenance operation
    • Spare parts and servicing available
    • Limited 12 month manufacturers fault warranty


    There are full replacement parts available. Contact your dealer for more information. 
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