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BOCHO PETTY - Japanese Style

BOCHO PETTY - Japanese Style

Stock Code: TF San-P135


    is a small knife and perfect for vegetables and fruit, garlic, oinions and herbs. Our friendly Nelson Chef Matt Bouterey also recommends it for kids as quality sharp knives are "more honest & reliable". We'll let you judge that - but this is a must have in your kitchen for any serious home chef (or professional).

    The Petty is a beautiful small knife ideal for slicing and peeling. 

    ​Japanese style: From the traditional Japanese range of hand forged blue carbon steel knives by Tadafusa, the carbon core of these knives is sandwiched between two layers of blue carbon steel that have been left with a rustic or nashiji (pear skin) finish. This helps prevent food from sticking to the blade when slicing items (and also offers a unique look). The carbon steel blades hold a keen edge and are exceptionally sharp and are deliberately left unfinished as the imperfections reduce suction, allowing food to fall freely from the blade. It also allows the knife to cut with less resistance. The handles are crafted from Magnolia and Bubinga wood and have a plastic ferrule. This wood is moisture resistant and also resistant to bacteria.


    • Length - 25.5cm
    • Blade Length - 13.5cm
    • Material - Carbon Steel (blade), Blue Carbon Steel (edge), Magnolia and Bubinga Wood (handle)
    • Weight - 100g
    • Made in Japan
    • Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty
    • For more information on how to use and look after your Tadafusa Knife - CLICK HERE to view the users guide

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