Customer Reviews

Please don't take our word for it, take a look below at what customers from all over the country have to say about our products. And click on the title of each if you want to see exactly what product they're talking about.

Zubat Pruning Saw:
"After almost 40 years of using some pretty average pruning saws I have finally found one that does the job with ease. This saw doesn't choke when cutting through branches, leaving your arm and shoulder ready for more."
Gregory M

I bought 2 more knives for the kids:
"I am so impressed with the feel of these knives I bought one each for my boys. Both boys are 30+, and good amateur chefs who appreciate a good knife. I have a good collection of fine knives that I keep in top condition, but when I want to cleanly slice vegetables and meat I know find myself reaching for my Tadafusa Bocho Santoku, it just seems to work better."
John R

Silky Katanaboy:
"Awesome bit of kit, makes quick work of pruning and track maintenance, and is easy on the body with the two hand operation."
Joe E

Exactly what you want in the bush:
"The Gomboy Outback is a great saw, super sharp and excellent grip. Doesn't rattle in the case, and a good length for all round use when clearing lines and tramping."
Nathan D

Okatsune Secateur:
"The O104's were a size up from the small ones I'd bought earlier for my wife, and which I'd sufficiently been impressed with that I wanted a pair for myself. They are excellent."
Gerold M